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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started on a wrap?

Contact one of our specialist and we’ll walk you through the wrap process.

What is the basic Process?

It all starts with design, not only making the customer happy- but insuring a productive ad campaign is crucial and we take our time to make it right, from there its as easy as print and stick. Once graphics are produced your wrap specialist will call to schedule delivery or pickup of the vehicle for install.

Where is the car wrap done?

Controlling the environment is key to a successful wrap so having it at one of our install locations makes all the difference. Call now to find out what location is best for you.

I don't have a Design, is that a Problem?

Our in-house designers can handle any project, big or small. All we need is a 5 minute meeting to discuss your needs and wants and from there we design a wrap to fit your goals.

How long will my wrap last?

Titan Wraps warranties most vehicles with a 3 year factory warranty that covers everything from install to materials but in many cases, when the vehicle is maintained we have seen wraps last for up to 7 years.

Will my paint be damaged?

As long as you have good condition factory paint, and take care of your vehicle throughout the life of the wrap, the paint should be just fine, in fact-in many cases the paint holds up better than if it wasn’t wrapped.

How do I care for my wrap?

Wrap maintenance is key to a long lasting, beautiful design. Washing the vehicle by hand and waxing the wrap will make the difference. Visit our wrap maintenance page for more information

How long does the Process take?

From start to finish the process usually takes about a week, but you will be without your vehicle for just a few days during the install process.

What is the Price?

Pricing does vary depending on the vehicle and coverage, call 214.901.6703 for a Free quote over the phone.


Who We Are

Titan Wraps was founded on the idea that quality customer service doesn’t stop when the customer drives away, founder Justin Lowe knew that helping the customer for the life of the wrap meant they would stay happy with their purchase, and with Titan Wraps.  That’s why he developed one of the first in the industry wrap maintenance programs. Most wrap companies don’t necessarily want to extend the life of a wrap, that means longer periods between re-wraps, Titan Wraps knows that the key to repeat customers is quality service. Another benefit of choosing Titan Wraps is our ability to stay mobile and be there when you need us, no need to waste time hunting down our location instead, Titan Wraps will come to you.  We know your busy, relax knowing that Titan Wraps has you covered. When you are ready to bring your vehicle in for installation, Titan Wraps has multiple convenient locations throughout the Metroplex for easy secure drop off.

Question or concerns? Call anytime day or night and someone will answer your call, 214-901-6703

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